How to book

Booking lessons at Silvermere is simple and quick as we use  custom made riding centre software that helps us to manage the day to day running of the yard and lessons.

Signing up as a new client

When you make first contact we will talk you through the lessons we offer and prices etc.

You’ll be given information on the horses and and other specific details that may relate to your enquiry if it is to do with exams, pony club or other courses we run.

At this point we need to take some basic information from you and enter it onto our system so we can then book you into an assessment lesson.


We have a reception and lecture room available whilst you’re on site

All new clients

As a New Client you will be asked to arrive 10 minutes early for your first lesson. This is so we can kit you out with hat and boots.

  • We recomend all clients to have thier own equipment at the moment
  • Please contact us before making a booking
  • Please book only one lesson before we assess your level
  • Please note we have a weight limit of 14 stone 

The assessment lesson is on a one to one basis for half an hour and let’s our qualified instructor assess your abilities as well as recommend a suitable pathway within our existing lesson plans. If you are looking to book a hack or join a group without having been for previous lessons with us, we will need you to attend an assessment first.


Beginner children

We ask that all new children, especially the little ones start off on our lead rein lessons that are half hour groups held in our indoor arena at weekends only. This gives the children a better start to developing and understanding the fundamentals. we are also able to offer private lessons for children as well now, if they would like that individual attention. 

Due to covid we are just re-starting our beginner groups at the weekend. please get in touch if you would like to know more about these groups. we currently have a waiting list, but we will get back to you shortly. 


Beginner adults

After your assessment, we’ll generally put you onto a private lesson plan as this will get you onto the lunge which will help develop your balance and seat before trying to gain control of the horse.


Once your assessment lesson is done

It’s time to sit back, think about how much fun you’ve had and have a coffee!